Asset Management Maturity Assessment

Our Asset Management Improvement Planning, or AMIP, assessment gives you a detailed understanding of your AM maturity. It is an excellent indicator of priorities, indicating where your organisation needs to invest to ensure that your AM capabilities, performance and resources are aligned and able to meet your consumers' needs.

Pragma’s Asset Management Improvement Planning (AMIP) framework provides a structured environment in which we help you define your ideal AM state, assess your current status and identify the gaps between the two. The assessment results inform your strategic asset management plan (SAMP) where we help you set priorities and targets to achieve your goal.


AMIP’s real power lies in its links. Each of the 130 best practices covered by the assessments is also linked to one of the ISO 55001 clauses, as well as to one of GFMAM’s 39 Subjects. The result is that the AMIP assessment can also be used to produce a five level maturity profile either for the ISO 55001 framework or for the 39 Subjects. You might not need ISO certification, but it is always good to know where you can improve and have the opportunity to choose which improvements are suitable and possible within your unique business context.


How else will you benefit from an AMIP assessment?

  • You get an analytical, independent and objective analysis of the current state of your organisation’s AM.
  • Sharing in the experience from an experienced asset management consultant.
  • Internally, you’ll be aligned and have consensus about your current AM maturity level and gaols.
  • The prioritising of your improvement actions will be based on your AM Policy and in support of your corporate business strategy.
  • Performance measures ensure quantifiable performance improvement opportunities and potential savings.
  • Potential obstacles are identified and can be managed to avoid disruptions during project execution.
  • Your short to medium term budget planning requirements will be clear.
  • Different plants in a multi-site environment can be compared and aligned to reach a common end state.
  • Progress on your maturity growth can be measured year-on-year with follow-ups.
  • Recommended improvement actions, prioritised and staggered over a 2-3 year period.
Asset Management Improvement Planning | AMIP
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International Standardisation

Do you know how your organisation matches up against international and industry best practices?


AMIP is a broad-based assessment covering all 39 Subjects of GFMAM’s Asset Management Landscape document.


ISO 55000

A complete AMIP assessment allows you to report on your organisation’s readiness for ISO 55001 certification.


When should you consider an AMIP assessment?

  • Various team members have different opinions about how good our asset management is.
  • You”re not sure what you need to do to conform to ISO 55001 certification requirements.
  • Your asset management needs a lot of work but you do not know where to start.
  • You have a good maintenance system, but you’re not sure whether your asset management practices and processes are up to scratch.
  • You’re trying your best to do proper asset management but you’re not getting the expected results.
  • You’re doing well but there are some concerns about the sustainability of your current asset management practices.
  • You struggle to get support from top management or other stakeholders for asset management initiatives.

How does it work?


The assessment is a combination of an evaluation of pre-requested material, an on-site tour and interviews with different role players and the verification of information provided during interviews. Our engineers use our own proprietary software tool, Assessor, to perform and record the assessment scoring. Unlike other one dimensional assessments, Assessor measures an organisation’s asset management maturity using two quadrants, namely the Best Practice Maturity Level and Key Performance Indicators. All role players partake in the consensus mapping (best practices and KPI verification points) and scoring.

Feedback report

We prepare a thorough report based on information gathered during the assessment phase and give feedback on the gaps in relation to the desired end-state. Report includes benchmark comparisons with industry or organisational peers.


AMIP Assessment Results

AMIP list
AMIP Graph

Keen to identify opportunities for improved asset management in your organisation?


What happens next?

If you’ve ever worked with consultants, you would know that the best research or thought through strategy is of absolutely no value, unless you’re able to follow through. With almost three decades of experience, Pragma has developed a suite of solutions in support of the execution of best practice asset management services. We can further assist with the implementation of the strategy and improvement plan, to provide expert advice as unforeseen challenges arise and to ensure that you stay focused and reach your goals.



An AM Strategy and plan is developed with priorities and time frames to achieve the set goals.



Scorecards and AM Plans are set in motion and evaluated year on year to monitor progress and make adjustments where required.

Projects and success stories

Case Study | OEM | MacAdams | AMIP

Without Pragma’s involvement, we would only have been able to come up with 10% of the answer in the available time.




Liquid packaging | AM maturity assessment

The Pragma consultants were able to assess the maturity of our organisation in a structured manner. Their understanding of the Maintenance Solutions market led to structured and focused input to our improvement process.




Pragma's Asset Management Improvement Planning framework now being used by mines across the globe

Pragma's Asset Management Improvement Planning (AMIP) framework, was recently adopted by a multi-national mining house as their Asset Management framework across all their sites, globally. 



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