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Never before has it been more urgent for organisations to address future skills and competency requirements in order to stay vital in today’s digital world.


At Pragma we understand the value of partnerships and believe in walking the journey with our clients in order to ensure successful outcomes. For every step of your business development, in compliance with ISO standards, Pragma is committed to your organisation’s success, to enable innovation and financial gain, and reduce incidents and damage to machinery and equipment.


We have established comprehensive consulting with a planned training approach to best benefit your teams and organisation.

Pragma’s training approach aims to identify your organisations’ competence needs and skills gaps and deliver training programmes that are SETA and industry endorsed or customised to your requirements.


5-step approach to training

  • 1

    Define roles, competencies and individual learning pathways

  • 2

    Customise generic AM training with local terms and examples

  • 3

    Infrastructure support - clients use our learning management system

  • 4

    Deliver blended learning: on-line, face-to-face, remote with exercises

  • 5

    Mentoring and workplace coaching for application and results

Our collaborative learning approach includes:

  • blended learning
  • modern learning techniques
  • hosting on a learning management system
  • facilitated by experienced AM consultants
  • based on specific roles and competencies, not “one size fits all”
  • customised with client examples, practical exercises and workplace application
  • link to metrics to measure the value-add

Projects and success stories

Municipality | Training

The training helped me greatly with the implementation of the asset management improvement project in the department. It raised awareness and aided the change management process by creating buy-in at certain levels of the organisation.




Client Reference | Mining and Minerals | Quarries | Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Blended Training

Contact sessions with the facilitator, an experienced Pragma consultant, allowed teams to regroup, share experiences and further enhance learning and make it directly applicable to their work environment.”




Case Study | Manufacturing | FoodBev | Libstar | Asset Care Academy

The intent was to create a common understanding of maintenance management among all plant engineers and to establish a minimum level of maintenance maturity across all plants. The outcome of these discussions was the Asset



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Karen Greyling, Academy Business Development Manager
Karen Greyling
Academy Business Development Manager
contact the specialists
Tim Beavon, Pr.Eng, Academy Operations Manager
Tim Beavon, Pr.Eng
Academy Operations Manager